We are PTM

We develop unique and innovative software to make your vision come true! Since 1998 we have been focused on increasing business growth and the satisfaction of our customers and partners worldwide.

Our Story

PTM was founded in 1998 to help companies transform their vision into unique and innovative solutions that drive business growth.

Since its founding, PTM has offered high-quality software solutions and services for the realization of individual IT projects. Our highest priority is understanding our customer’s requirements and creating innovative solutions optimally custom-built.
In 2004, we started developing and supporting add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our innovative add-ons close gaps existing in the standard Dynamics 365 system and extend it with useful functionalities.
As one of the global leaders in the market, our company is constantly evolving and established its third business area poweraddons.com. With Power-Addons, we are bringing our expertise and experience to the Power Platform.

History Of PTM

  • 1998


    Development of individual software solutions

  • 2004

    Second Business Area

    A game changer

  • 2013

    US Office

    There for you 17 hours per day!

  • 2022

    Third Business Area

    We don't just do CRM anymore ...

How We Work

True to the motto "Teamwork makes the dream work", we have a strong cooperative culture. We are a mix of talents, all-rounders and experts with a common goal: We want to develop high-quality and sustainable solutions for our customers.
Indiv. Work Design
Indiv. Work Design

PTM supports you striving for greatness


Work in a creative and open-minded team


Customers are the reason for our success!

The Team Behind

To get even better insights, you have the opportunity to meet a part of our team here. One thing is certain: We have an average length of employment of over 8 years!
Christian Ternek CEO & Co-Founder @PTM since: 04.08.1998
Josef Ternek Managing Partner & Co-Founder @PTM since: 04.08.1998
Michael Dohr COO @PTM since: 03.10.2011
Alexis Boulgaropolous Sales Manager @PTM since: 01.06.2012
Andreas List Sr. Developer @PTM since: 16.10.2006
Daniel Brunner Developer @PTM since: 02.12.2013
James Elliott Head of Support @PTM since: 18.09.2006
Thomas Elliott Developer @PTM since: 07.05.2007
Anita Roginic Administration @PTM since: 11.07.2022
Stefan Kelemen Developer @PTM since: 16.12.2019
Patrick Leitner System Administrator @PTM since: 03.05.2021
Andrey Koryakin Developer @PTM since: 02.11.2016
Cathleen Plobner Administration @PTM since: 07.05.2013
Alexander Weiss Support Engineer @PTM since: 13.09.2010
Manuel Pölzl Developer @PTM since: 18.08.2014
Peter Albrecht Support Engineer @PTM since: 29.03.2016
Michael Fieger Developer @PTM since: 14.04.2020
Alexander Obruca Marketing Manager @PTM since: 03.05.2021
Armin Krenn Developer @PTM since: 20.09.2010
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Julian Handl Office Manager @PTM since: 03.04.2017
Ethan Strahl Developer @PTM since: 02.12.2019
Christoph Kokely Sr. Developer @PTM since: 02.01.2009
Thomas Liebminger Developer @PTM since: 06.12.2021
Michael Berger Support Engineer @PTM since: 10.02.2020
Peter Korosec Developer @PTM since: 02.05.2011
Frank Haas Sr. Developer @PTM since: 15.03.1999
Andreas Jera Developer @PTM since: 09.01.2023